Touring HD Live Sets 

Camera Live Sets 

#1 SET - Four Full HD Camera & Media Server

Low latency setup, ideal for realtime video and live  ( Black burst sync & No Blackmagic devices :-) )

Full Dataton Watchout 6 media server - with Artnet & DMX control

10 minutes installation time 

Full remote controlled cameras ( colour, iris, black )

Flexible 26pin multicore setup ( power, video, all data )

100m operation radius

Timecode generator & reader + embedding to SDI for all cameras

Heavy duty touring cases

Devices In Rack

  • 1x Low latency Full HD Panasonic AV- HS300 mixer
  • 4x JVC GY HD-251 Full HD Cameras
  • 4x Camera Studio 7” Viewfinders 
  • 4x JVC Remote Camera CCU & RCP
  • 4 x Fujinon/Canon - Focus & Zoom remote 
  • 4x Fujinon/Canon lens ( standard, wide or long )
  • 1x Extron blackburst sync generator & distributor
  • 2x Linx timecode generator 
  • 4x V-mount battery 
  • 4x Vinten Heavy Dutty Tripod with fluid head
  • 4x Drums 50m Multicore SONY 26pin broadcast cable
  • 3x Drums 100m Multicore SONY 26pin broadcast cable
  • Dataton Watchout 6 media server (4x HD output, 2x HD SDI input, Artnet,DMX)
  • Intercom on 4xCamera & 4x Base station & 2x Audio Input/Output
  • Tally on all Camera and monitors
  • Ikegami Grade-1 SDI Studio monitor
  • Blackmagic Dual SmartWiew monitor 
  • 1x Decimator Design quad HD processor & HDMI converter 

#2 SET - Four SONY Full HD Remote Pan/Tilt Cameras

Full flexible setup, ideal for stage  and detail camera

10 minutes installation time 

Full remote controlled cameras ( pan/tilt, colour, iris, black )

Four 75m multicore cables  ( power, video, data )

Central base station, with camera reductant bypass switch

SONY BFR-300 remote with memory presets

Four HD-SDI 1x2 splitters

200m operation radius

Heavy duty touring cases

#3 SET - Extra Long J55x Canon & SONY Full HD  Camera

Canon J55x Super F1,2 with 2x Extender - Extreme Long Optic for detail & sport

Extreme Heavy duty tripod and Vinten Heavy Fluid Head

Canon Broadcast Remote Zoom & Focus

Sony PMW-350K XDCAM EX HD 2/3" Exmor CMOS Camera

#4 SET - 12 Channel Optical Fiber 12Gb/s

bi-directional - SD/HD/2K/4K/8K

Full flexibile 12 channel converts SDI to optical fiber and optical fiber to SDI in both directions at the same time

6x Blackmagic ATEM Full HD Camera Converters,

6x BMDCC with Tally & Intercom & Remote and 16 channel audio

Operation radius 14km 

2x 400m four channel fiber optic tactical cable

2x 100m four channel fiber optic tactical cable

6x 100m dual channel fiber optic tactical cable

6x 50m dual channel fiber optic tactical cable

All setup have industrial fiber optic connectors

12x fiber optic cable couplings

Operate with all SD/HD/2K/4K/8K resolution and 4:4:4 or 4:2:2 sampling

You can even have different video standards going in each direction

All Optical fiber cables that are commonly used for computer networks