Slate & Timecode & Sync & Clock 

Slate & Timecode & Sync & Clock 

Production Slates & Clapper board

Time Code Slate

Time Code Slate reads and displays SMPTE/EBU Time Code. Backlit display, particularly useful during night shoots and on dimly lit stages.

Ipad Digital Slate

All Slate Features
Ready for Your Close-Up
Quick Data Entry
Set Timecode
Sync Timecode
Fast roll, scene, take
Have it Your Way

Production Slates

Clasic slate (aka Clapper Board) is used for identifying takes and providing an audible mark for the synching of vision and sound.

Timecode & Clock

Sennheiser Timecode Buddy

Highly accurate timecode, genlock and word clock wirelles receiver and transmiter
Zero drift between units using long range
Simultaneous RF port connectivity
Multicamera wireless timecode

Lynx Timecode generator

A wideband, high speed, multistandard time code generator.
Time code reader (wideband) .

Horrita Timecode generator

Dual input time code reader that compares two LTC inputs and displays their time difference on an LED display.


High-fidelity, low-jitter clock design
Near sample-accurate lock to time code or bi-phase signals
Supports all major industry-standard clock sources and time code formats

MOTU MIDI timepiece

Synchronizations such as video genlock, ADAT sync, word clock sync, and Digidesign superclock,
SMTPE and video.